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Most people worm and deflea their cats on a regular basis.  But did you know that worms and flea eggs are all part of the same lifecycle ?


Always worm and flea you cat at the same time.  This breaks the cycle and helps to keep you cat in tip top condition.  Always use a good quality flea and worm treatment.  Your vet will advise you on the best treatment to use.  They are not always the cheapest but they are the best and, in the long, run, the most cost effective !

Tips of the Month

If you own a cat with white ears please be aware that due to the very delicate nature of the skin on the ears and the much smaller amount of fur covering them that ears are very susceptible to getting sunburned !


The sunburn can damage the skin cells of the ears and lead to cancer of the ears.  This is why you see many white cats with their ears tips removed as a result of sun damage !


In summer apply a high factor sun cream to ears.  A factor 50 sunblock stick, of the type used by humans, and available at all good chemists, is ideal.

Many people these days prefer to feed their cats on a dry biscuit only diet.  This can be for a variety of reasons including the tendency for moist food to go off very quickly in the summer and the cats own preference.


Always make sure that the biscuit you use is of the highest quality that you get hold of and afford.


Very cheap dry biscuits contain a lot of meal and additives that are not beneficial to your cats health on a long term basis.


Male cats in particular have very delicate and sensitive ‘internal plumbing’ and a constant diet of a poor quality dry food can have a detrimental affect of the cats health.  Male cats can suffer from poor Urinary Tract health, sometimes to the level where crystals in the urine can cause blockages.  This prevents the cats from urinating properly and a total blockage is EXTREMELY painful for your cat  can quickly lead to very painful death if not treated immediately.