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Search the area, particularly sheds and garages which may have inadvertently locked your pet in.

Talk to your neighbours.

Ring ALL of the local vets.

Ring us at Cats Protection, we keep a register of lost and found cats for this very purpose.
If your cat has gone missing try the following
What you have to do :

Send us a photograph of your cat, by post, to Wickhamford.  If you want the photograph returned, please include a stamped, addressed envelope to help keep our costs down.


E-mail a digital picture to us as an attachment.
Please include as many details as possible and a contact phone number.
Send us a picture by post or email and we will log your cat on our Lost & Found database and publish the picture here to help you find your missing pet.
If you think you have seen any of these
cats or know their location please call us
on 01386 833343