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Why does your cat wash your hair or face?
The first thing a kitten experiences, even before it can see, is its mother licking and washing. Grooming is a demonstration of love and caring. So, if your cat occasionally washes your hair or licks your face, he is showing you his acceptance and caring of you as a fellow feline.


Why does a cat "knead" ?
When a kitten is nursing, it typically kneads its paws against its mother, either as a sign of contentment or to encourage the milk flow. When the cat matures, it kneads to show its contentment and pleasure.

Why does a cat go to the visitor who doesn't like cats?
When one cat is threatening another, it stares boldly, sometimes hisses, and frequently moves in toward the other cat. Usually, the person who doesn't like cats avoids looking at it, doesn't talk to it, and sits quietly, hoping to be ignored by the cat. The cat, therefore, sees the person's behaviour as "cat-friendly" and practically inviting.


Why does your cat push its head against you?
This is a cat's way of showing affection. Some cats will turn their head, and push it against a human (or another cat).


Why does a cat do a stiff-legged hop/touch against a human?
That is the cat's body language of saying, "hey, hi there, how ya doin'?"


Why does your cat rub up against you?
Cats have scent glands along the tail, on each side of their head, on their lips, base of their tail, chin, near their sex organs, and between their front paws. They use these glands to scent mark their territory. When the cat rubs you, he is marking you with his scent, claiming you as "his." Too, he is picking up your scent. Cats rub up against furniture or doorways for the same reason - to mark the item as "his". (Urine spraying is also a territorial marking, by the way.)


Why does a cat sometimes wash its fur immediately after being petted?
There are two theories on this behaviour. One theory proposes that the cat is getting rid of the human smell. The other is that the cat is furthering the pleasure of his association with you by tasting your scent.  


Why do some cats suck wool or clothing?
There are a couple of theories on this:
The cat was weaned too early and the scent of the lanolin reminds the cat of his mother, or
The cat has a lack of fibre in his diet.


Why does a cat walk slowly, looking straight forward when passing another cat?
All cats are territorial to an extent - the range of a particular inside cat may extend from a small space in a room to the entire house, depending on their hierarchical ranking in the family. When a "superior" cat confronts on "inferior" in the hierarchy, it will stare at and/or move in for a face-to-face confrontation. When a cat wants to show that it doesn't want to get into an argument, it will make a wide, slow path around the other cat, usually avoiding even looking at it.


Why does a cat use a litter tray?
In the wild, cats learned to bury their faeces to hide their presence from predators or rivals. That trait remains ingrained in our domestic house cats.


Why does a cat scratch outside the litter tray, instead of inside it?
The cat has probably had several unpleasant experiences of getting his feet soggy or dirty - make sure the litter tray is cleaned out frequently


Why does a cat purr?
Usually, a cat purrs because it is content. A mother cat purrs to let her kittens know she is nearby, and kittens purr in response to their mother's grooming. Older kittens purr to entice adults to play. Some adults will purr to show an aggressor that they are non-threatening. Take note, however, that some cats will purr when frightened or in pain. By the way, no one has yet to discover how a cat purrs !


Why does a cat sometimes scratch the floor as though he is trying to bury his food dish?
It may be a holdover of the wild trait of burying food for later. Or, it may be that he is trying to tell you that the food is not to his liking.

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