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Microchipping is now acknowledged to be the most acceptable form of permanent identification available for cats. It is permanent, tamperproof, reliable and painless. If your pet becomes lost a microchip can help reunite you quickly.  For little more than the cost of placing an advert in the local paper your cat can be quickly identified by rescue agencies and vets and tracing the owner is only a quick phone call away.


It is also essential if you are considering taking your cat abroad via the  Pet Passport scheme.



A small, sterile, electronic device (about the size of a grain of rice) is safely and painlessly implanted into the scruff of a cat, between the shoulder blades.  This has a unique number which is stored on a central database linked to the owners name, address and contact details. A scanner is used to read the chip and locating the worried owner is only a phone call away !


At Evesham Cats Protection we use the idENTICHIP system which is one of the largest companies in this field with an excellent track record.


We have, on numerous happy occasions, reunited a pet with its owner with nothing more to go on but the microchip number.  Often from far afield (cats sometimes hitch a lift in cars and vans !) where the owner would probably have had little chance of tracing their pet otherwise.

How It Works

When your cat is microchipped you can, if you wish, use a microchip catflap.  Various companies now manufacture these.  They work by detecting your cats microchip ONLY and only opening to allow just your cats into the house.  They can be programmed for a single or multi cat household thus keeping out any unwanted visitors.

All cats and kittens homed from our rescue are microchipped and we will deal with registering your pet for you.  There are no ongoing or annual fees and the chip lasts for the life of your pet.