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Feral Cats

A feral cat is an unowned and untamed domestic cat.  Feral cats are born in urban, suburban, or rural areas, and basically anywhere that people reside. They should not be confused with wildcats, as they are not wild animals. Strictly speaking, feral cats are born, and live without direct human contact. Therefore, they revert back to a "wild" temperament, with a fear of humans.

Cats may live alone but are usually found in large groups called feral colonies. These colonies tend to meet two essential criteria: a good hiding place (often a small wooded area, or abandoned buildings or cars) and a food source. This is why they are often seen near farms or stable yards.


Cats Protection policy is to trap and neuter feral cats and return them to site where they can live their lives in peace.  Feral kittens, if caught and handled from an early age, usually less than 6 - 8 weeks old, respond well to human contact and can make loving and friendly domestic pets.


Occasionally, due to circumstances, feral cats have to be moved from the area they normally live and found suitable homes elsewhere.  We are always looking for good farm, smallholding or stable homes, or even a house with a large garden or some land for cats of this type.


They need shelter (barns or stables etc) and a food source and in return with reward you by keeping vermin levels down for you.  Cats Protection will neuter them and can help with supplies of food to supplement their diet of mice and rats.


Giving secure homes to this type of cat, who are generally shunned, can be most rewarding.


If you have a need for feral cats please contact us.