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Evesham Branch was set up in 1982 in premises at the rear of a veterinary surgery in the centre of Evesham.    

In 1989 we were forced to move from our premises and were given space to rent by the National Canine Defence League (now the Dogs Trust) in Wickhamford. In the last two years the Dogs Trust have decided to totally rebuild their facilities and we have had to find an alternative site for our cats.  We have relocated just 500 yds from where we were and now have our new, bigger and much better equipped Adoption Centre on our own grounds with our own entrance and car parking.  We are very proud to have this new site and are determined to make it as successful as ever.

We have 15 standard sized pens which can accommodate up to three cats comfortably. In the house we also have Kitten Suites and crèche facilities for cats needing special accommodation and care, and a Medical Room which houses cats and kittens undergoing medical treatment. In the height of the summer when we are at our busiest we have been known to have between 50 and 60 cats to care for.  Fortunately this situation does not last too long!  

Volunteers staff the rescue centre every day of the year.  Each of us has a set time during which we are on duty.  This can range from several hours to feed and clean the cats or just a couple of hours to help groom the animals and generally make a fuss of them.  

The aims of our rescue are to take in unwanted or stray cats and kittens, neuter them where necessary, rehabilitate them and then rehome them to loving homes in the Evesham and surrounding area.  

We are also there to give advice on the care of cats, neutering and behavioural problems.

We can also help financially with the neutering of cats over six months old.  

Evesham Cats Protection . . . A Brief History


( EVERY penny donated is used to help cats. NOBODY is paid. )

Running Costs
What it costs to run our branch

To help the number of cats we see each year costs about £85,000.  With this money we look after about 500 cats and kittens until they are homed.  We also help cat owners in the area with food and litter, arrange for strays to be neutered and for cats to receive vet treatment.  Last year our vet bill came to over £25,000.

Other ways of providing help

Instead of making a donation you could help our finances help by:

Volunteer your help at the Adoption Centre

Donating food, either directly to us or at your local supermarket.

Attending our fund raising events.

Find yourself a bargain at our bric-a-brac shop when you visit us at the Adoption Centre.

Remembering the CP in your Will.

If you wish to support just OUR branch please make that clear in your directions.


The rescue is funded by donations and fund raising efforts only.  Our monthly vets’ bill can be anything from £1500 - £2500.  Food is also a major expense along with heating in the winter months.

This is a very brief view of our rescue.  We are always very happy to see visitors whether they have come to offer a home to one of the animals or just to look round.  It is best to ring us first on 01386 833343 to find out what cats or kittens we have available.

How you can help

We have many fund raising activities but the income from these does not always keep pace with our expenditure.

If you can make a donation, however small, please send it to our Treasurer, Penny Hampton c/o Cats Protection, 95 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford, Evesham, WORCS, WR11 7RT.

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