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What We Do . . !

The day starts with staff arriving and checking the daily diary for what to expect today.  The cats and kittens are then fed and any medications given, either by mouth or on food depending on the condition being treated.  After a little time to allow them to eat the cleaning starts !  All pens and indoor facilities are cleaned, disinfected and dirty bedding replaced and washed.  Water bowls are replenished and the empty food bowls removed and washed.  Litter trays are removed, washed and sterilised and replaced.  Cats arriving are checked over and given routine worm and flea treatments and microchipped if necessary. Paperwork is prepared for cats going out to their new homes that day.  Medical records are kept up to date and vaccination and microchip certificates etc are processed. At lunchtimes kittens are given a meal.  We liaise with the vets about any concerns we may have and arrange for treatments where necessary.  Paperwork is made out and cats needing neutering are taken to our vets.  At teatime the cats are fed again, their accommodation checked and they are bedded down for the night.



Just a quick look at a typical day at Evesham Cats Protection

Much of our time is spent caring for the welfare of the cats in our care.  All cats and kittens are microchipped before they are rehomed.


Routine health inspections are carried out to worm and treat cats for fleas.  Ears are checked for signs of ear mites and treated if necessary.  Teeth are checked for signs of gum disease or damaged teeth.  The cats coat is groomed and dematted if needed.  Any major problems found are referred to our vet for further investigation.

Sometimes we even stop for a coffee !!

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