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What we can offer !

Help and advice by  telephone and personal contact.

Shelter for stray and unwanted cats.  We have limited (about thirty-five) places available to house unwanted cats and unfortunately have to implement a waiting system. Sometimes we will be full but we try to help.  We have, and never will, put a cat to sleep except for the most extreme of medical conditions.

Rehoming of stray or unwanted cats.  We rehome about five  hundred cats each year after carrying out homechecks according to Cats Protection guidelines.

All cats and kittens that come to us are neutered in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals.  Cats in our care are neutered at our own vets or else the new prospective owners are asked to undertake to have the cat neutered at the appropriate time (in the case of kittens) and inform us.  In cases of hardship or under certain circumstances we can help the public to have their own cats neutered by offering a voucher towards the cost of the operation.

We can offer help with feral cats in the form of trapping and neutering and they can then be returned to site to live out their days in peace without producing hundreds of unwanted feral kittens.  We also help people to look after feral colonies by providing a limited supply of free food and any necessary worming products.

Abandoned or very young kittens at risk are often hand reared by some of our specialist helpers to help them survive and they can subsequently be rehomed to good homes when old enough.

This is just a brief overview of some of our activities, but we will tackle any cat related problems that you may have - just call us !